Pavithren A/L Arumugam

Hearing loss exists when there is diminished sensitivity to the sounds normally heard. I have hearing loss at both sides at newborn baby age. My parents didn’t know that I have the problem of hearing since Standard 1. In Standard 1, I also have problem pronouncing r, ch, s when I am having a conversation. For that I am very thankful for the time and effort my mother put into teaching and training me. Due to the hearing problem, I was not able to concentrate in my studies in school and my results were poor. My parents brought me to a clinic for a check-up, but the doctor told me that I was fine. My parents brought me to the government hospital to get my hearing checked. After that, I was told that I have hearing loss and I need device to help me hear better.

We were recommended to 20dB Hearing and their audiologist introduced a device called hearing aid that can improve my hearing. At first I felt embarrassed to wear a hearing aid because I thought hearing aids are only for the elderly folks. But I felt much better with the motivation and confidence given by the staffs and my parents. They were friendly to me and their service were excellent. With the help of hearing aid, I can hear bird chirping, water dripping and other wonderful sounds. Thanks to the hearing aid, I managed to pass my exams with flying colors and I will matriculate at a local community college. I appreciate the kindness and friendliness of 20dB staff. Last but not least, I thank my parents for giving me my hearing back.

June 2, 2017