Hearing Assessment for Adults

Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA)

PTA is the key hearing test to determine the softest sounds that one can hear across the speech frequencies (250 to 8000Hz). In this test, the testee is required to respond when he/she hears a tone by pressing a button or raising his/her hand. A comprehensive PTA is carried out with headphones and bone conductor. Its results will identify the degree, type, and configuration of a hearing loss thus enabling diagnosis and management.

Industrial Hearing Screening

Industrial hearing screening is a hearing test for industrial workers who are repeatedly exposed to loud noise. This simple hearing test requires the testee to respond by pressing a button or raising his/her hand when he/she detects a tone. This test identifies the degree and configuration of hearing loss. It is useful to detect early signs of noise-induced hearing loss, evaluate the effectiveness of hearing conservation programs, and filing for disablement claims with SOCSO.

Speech Testing

During speech testing, the audiologist will record the ability to correctly repeat back words at comfortable loudness level. Speech test will be administered in the client’s primary language, either in Bahasa Malaysia, English or Mandarin.

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