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Hearing loss is the 2nd most prevalent health issue globally. About 360 million people around the world are affected by hearing loss. Gnosis Hearing provides a comprehensive range of hearing and speech services that are carried out by our experienced & qualified professionals. Hearing is evaluated in patients of all ages, from newborn through geriatrics.
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Adult Hearing Assessment
At age 65, one out of three people has a hearing loss. Gnosis Hearing offers a variety of tests can be used to identify and diagnose a hearing loss.
Children Hearing Assessment
You might notice that your child doesn’t respond from a distance or that words don’t seem to be clear. Delays in speech and language development, as well as educational progress, can also be signs of a hearing loss.
Digital Hearing Aid Fitting
If hearing aids are recommended after your hearing is tested, our audiologist will work with you to find the right hearing aids for you. That selection process, called a hearing aid fitting, starts with an assessment of your needs.
Other Services
Gnosis Hearing also offers speech-language therapy and cochlear implant consultation for both children and adult.