Unitron uDirect 3


uDirect 3 is Unitron’s Bluetooth streaming accessory and remote control.  Worn around the neck and simple to operate, uDirect 3 allows the hearing aid wearer to seamlessly stream bluetooth telephone calls and audio handsfree to their hearing aids from a Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, tablet or computer.

It comes with a 1 year warranty and is available with several additional accessories to stream TV (uTV 3) and external voices via a lapel-worn microphone (uMic).

The uDirect 3 can function as a basic remote control allowing volume and programme changes on your hearing aids.

uDirect 3 has been updated to provide a generous 24 hour battery life when streaming.  It’s battery life when on standby or used simply as a remote control is considerably longer.

It can also be used with Unitron’s uControl app available for both Apple and Android smartphones/tablets.

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