Try Out Hearing Aids – for Free

Start Your Free 2-Week Trial Today

There’s only one way to truly know if hearing aids are right for you. By trying them out at home, you can see the exact difference they make in everyday listening situations. At Gnosis Hearing, we’re proud to always offer a free 2-week trial for all hearing aids. Complete the appointment form to the right or call us at 012-9126625 to get started!


How Our Hearing Aid Trial Works

After a free hearing test, our Hearing Care Professional will help you choose hearing aids that both correct your loss and fit your lifestyle needs. You’ll try them on and learn how to use them before going home to experience them in action for the next two weeks.

During the trial, our Hearing Center will check in periodically to make sure everything is going smoothly. If you still love your hearing aids at the completion of your trial, you are welcome to make the purchase.


Get the Most Out of Your Trial

We encourage you to thoroughly test your new hearing aids to make sure you’re satisfied with their performance. You should try your best to replicate common (and some uncommon) activities so you’ll know how they behave in daily life. Here are just a few examples of places to test them out:

  • In crowded and noisy indoor spaces
  • Watching television at a low volume
  • On the phone with a friend or relative
  • In a quiet place (to check for static or distortion)
  • Outdoors on a windy day

No Cost, No Obligation – Really

Most trials require you to pay for hearing aids up front, give your payment information, or leave a hefty deposit. Not ours. When you try hearing aids at Gnosis Hearing, you’ll never need to pull out your pocketbook or worry about return policies. If you are less than delighted after your trial, just drop the hearing aids off at your nearest Hearing Center and we will work to find a different style or brand that best matches your needs.

To get started on your free trial, simply fill out the “Book an Appointment” form on this page, or stop by one of our conveniently located clinics and speak with one of our hearing care professionals today.